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Starting April 25th, the Satoshi Kon classic Paranoia Agent is coming to the Toonami block on Adult Swim.


This 12-episode series is a suspense psychological thriller about a serial assaulter that goes around attacking high-stress people when they reach their breaking point. Two detectives are on the hunt for “’Lil Slugger,” a young boy on roller skates and a bent baseball bat who is the perpetrator, but find the truth to be far, far weirder than they initially figured.

Starting April 25th the block lineup will be as follows:

Midnight - My Hero Academia (Season 4)
12:30am - Demon Slayer
1:00am - Paranoia Agent
1:30am - Black Clover
2:00am - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part V: Golden Wind
2:30am - Naruto Shippuden


The show will be replacing Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, which airs the Season 2 finale the previous week. Head of Toonami Jason DeMarco has said that they fully intend to air Seasons 3-5, but apparently Warner Bros. Japan is getting more involved, so it requires new negotiations that haven’t been finalized yet. If you’re asking why there’s difficulty in a Turner channel negotiating with a Turner subsidiary, even if it’s a foreign subsidiary, it’s nothing new. Anyone who has delved into Turner’s daily proceedings can tell you the various branches of the company really don’t like playing along with each other.

Paranoia Agent once aired on Adult Swim Action back in 2005.

The block will likely get heavily reshuffled again pretty soon since both My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer will be ending their seasons within the next few weeks. My Hero is in the process of finishing up its dub while reports are Demon Slayer has finished its dub. I don’t think it’s been stated how far the dub of JoJo is, but it is confirmed that it isn’t finished, so that show may take a break in the coming months.


For those without cable or satellite, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim is available on several streaming cable services such as Sling, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV.

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