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Rumiko Takahashi’s classic manga/anime series InuYasha is getting a sequel anime series coming soon.


Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon stars the twin daughters of Sesshomaru, Towa and Setsuna. During a forest fire, older sister Towa wanders through a mystical portal and finds herself in modern Japan. She eventually comes across the Higurashi Shrine and is adopted by Sota, Kagome’s younger brother from the original show, and his mother and grandfather.

Ten years later, the sacred tree at Higurashi once again glows and Towa, much like Kagome in the original, is able to travel back to the past. He finally reunites with Setsuna, who is now a Demon Slayer trained by Kohaku, but the younger sister no longer has any memories of Towa, shocking her.


The two siblings team up with Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, as they search for what caused the twins’ separation in the first place.

No specific release date was given, and the initial press release indicates that it’s very early in production, so I’m betting we won’t see it until next year. Given that Viz is already announcing it, they probably have an agreement in place to distribute it in the West eventually, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t show up on Toonami at some point.


Prediction Time! Now, the first question that comes up is who exactly is Towa and Setsuna’s mother. A LOT of fans don’t wanna accept it, but I would be shocked if it’s anyone but Rin. Yes, Rin was just a child during the original show, but she isn’t staying a child forever and she’ll eventually grow up and go through puberty. And given how much she adores Sesshomaru, it’s perfectly reasonable that she’d want to bear his kids (Hell, there are plenty of real-life women who watched the show as kids and would love to bear Fluffy’s kids). And given that the characters seem to be in their late teens at the youngest when the story proper starts, Rin will likely be pushing 40, when she appears in the show proper.

And slightly digressing, I have a prediction. Rin will be the one doing the actual parenting, while Sesshomaru will not help out at all except for getting food and/or training the girls to fight. And he’ll be unable to say “no” to anything Rin asks. As for Inuyasha and Kagome, I predict that they will be more mature, but still largely the same as the original show, except that Inuyasha will be a very doting papa and constantly worried about his baby girl.


For those wondering, no mention was made of Miroku, Sango, their kids, Shippo, and Kirara. However, given that Kohaku is still active, I’m betting we’ll be seeing Miroku and Sango eventually and one of their kids from the end of Final Act will be another Demon Slayer. I’m betting Shippo will show up fully grown and, while more competent, is still only as useful as he was in the original show. Kirara I predict will be the exact same and will eventually travel with the girls to provide transport.

Are you excited for Yashahime? And what do you think will happen in the show?

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